Lighthouse for the Blind-Saint Louis Acquires Assets of Badge Magic®

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Badge Magic Adhesive For Adhering Scout Badges To Uniforms
The Lighthouse for the Blind-Saint Louis is proud to announce the acquisition of Badge Magic®, a company based in Bellevue, Washington ( Badge Magic is a developer and supplier of “peel & stick” fabric adhesives for securing badges and other fabrics to clothing and uniforms, eliminating the need for sewing or ironing-on the fabric additions. Badge Magic is used by the Boy Scouts of America, Awana association of international evangelical Christian nonprofit organizations; andother major organizations in the U.S. and Canada as an approved alternative to sewing badges to uniforms.

John Thompson, president of Lighthouse for the Blind said, “Acquisition and integration of Badge Magic assets is an organic expansion of Lighthouse operations because product assembly and distribution are among our core competencies. This acquisition provides the Lighthouse with a line of popular branded products giving us entry to new retail markets in addition to our current business in consumer, government and military sales.”

The acquisition of Badge Magic assets closed September 21st and is our fourth commercial acquisition since 2014. Badge Magic operations in Bellevue, Washington have closed, and all existing inventory and customer service activities will be absorbed by our manufacturing plant in St. Louis.

Dave Herbig created Badge Magic in 2004 after searching for a better way to secure badges to Boy Scout uniforms. Dave and his wife, Danita, have been involved with the Boy Scouts for many years, and their product is available from numerous vendors inside and outside the Boy Scout world. He will continue to be a consultant for the Lighthouse.

Brian Houser, LHB director of sales and marketing, said, “Badge Magic markets include special interest groups such as the Boy Scouts and Awana, but also consumers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. In addition, we expect to enter increasingly popular specialty markets for Comic-Cons and Cosplay fashion performers. We are very excited about this acquisition.”

The product marketed towards Comicon and cosplayers is known as Cos Bond and can be used to create cosplay costumes and weaponry. LHB will soon launch a brand new, interactive website featuring Cos Bond.

Cos Bond Instant Costume Adhesive

The acquisition of Badge Magic has enabled us to hire two new employees who are legally blind.  Proceeds from Badge Magic product sales will contribute to 16 Community Outreach programs that provide support and assistance to children who are legally blind.  To learn more about Lighthosue for the Blind visit

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